If you happen to be a Jazz lover, check out this new release from the Jacobs Brothers, called Jazz Standard Time


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About Simplicity Records

Brothers Chuck and Dan Jacobs formed Simplicity Records in 1991 originally with the intent of supplying a vehicle for their original compositions. In 1991, Dan and Chuck had recorded an album of easy listening original music. After looking around to see how they could get their cassettes and CDs to the public, they
happened upon an alternative marketing avenue which has become known as "the gift market", or "in-store-play-&-sell.".

This name came about because the alternative market, i.e., "Gift Market", includes book stores, specialty stores, and many gift stores all around the country. .

This has become a viable alternative to going into a record store and plowing through the cacophony of rock, rap and heavy metal just to try to locate some beautiful melodies
The way the "gift market" works is: people walk into a gift store, and while walking around looking at items, they hear beautiful melodies. When they walk past the front counter, they see a sign saying "now playing" which identifies the CD and artist that is being featured at the moment. So what happens is the customer hears something they like, sees the product displayed, and then buys the product.